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About us?

StartupVillage (SV) is the hybridization of high connectivity with Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Rural and Territorial Repopulation. It is a Spinoff of the European Commission StartupVillage Europe Network (SVEN) and is part of the Strategy for the digitization of the agri-food and forestry sector and the rural environment, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA).
StartupVillage initiative www.StartUpVillage.eu in Spain and Europe was visited in February 2020 by Dubravka Šuica, VP Democracy and Demography and has been publicly supported by the Commissioner Mariya Gabriel of Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.
The SV iniciative is coordinated by Territorio Emprendimiento (https://territorioemprendimiento.org/web/); a non-profit association that promotes the initiative and has more than 400 entrepreneurs integrated in our community platform Workplace.

“Virtual Inauguration of the European Conference on Rural and Territorial Repopulation in Gredos, Spain” – 16th. January.



Vice-president, Dubravka Šuica, for Democracy and Demography

Dear participants of this conference. I am very happy to virtually join you for the European conference on Rural and Territorial repopulation in Spain.
I understand the importance of this event, and I am sorry that I am unable to be with you today in Sierra de Gredos (Avila, Castilla-León, Spain).




"Speech by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel at the Global StartupCities Summit" - 25 November 2020


Commissioner Mariya Gabriel
Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

Finally, your Startup Village programme is an initiative that is very close to my heart. I have supported this idea from the beginning and I hope you can work closely with the new Innovation Ecosystems Workprogramme of Horizon Europe to ensure that we have a high impact on the development of rural areas via innovation.



What do we do?

Each rural and territorial project has its particular needs, which is why we adapt the actions that will be developed based on our 4 pillars;


1.- Ecosystem Creation - Example: villahoz
  • Productive and Institutional Ecosystem
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Connectivity (On and Off)
2.- Territorial developmentl
  • Major Projects Regional Tractors
  • OTRI - Technical Office for Resilience and Innovation
3.- StartupVillage Network (6) + i4Hub - Incubator and Accelerator
  • Kerbest
4. Alliances StartupVillage + Digital platforms and services from TE
5.-Cultural heritage valorisation as a reference to solve 21st century challenges in peripheral areas (ecological sustainability, circular economy, future of work, social cohesion).
  • reARTIS Arlanza-Lerma project
  • Creative Europe projects
  • Collaboration with peripheral areas in other EU countries

The Beginning

1. StartUpVillage Villahoz

Villahoz (300 hab.), comarca del Arlanza, provincia de Burgos, Castilla y León



1. Territory Analysis: The town was visited on several occasions. We identify several strengths and opportunities were identified for the municipality. At the same time we worked with the entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the town and we identified the Public-Private Ecosystem to apply Open Innovation.


2. I European Congress of Rural Repopulation, July 31, 2019, in Villahoz:
Assistance of more than 400 people. Large institutions: European Union, 4 Ministries, 14 Autonomous Communities, more than 60 mayors; in addition to large companies (Telefónica, REE, Acciona, Tragsa, Pascual), associations and foundations.
Great impact on the media: TV: LaSexta and RTVE, 4m. viewers, as well as radio, digital media, press and social networks.



Press clipping

3. Work sessions in the San Bartolomé Festivities 2019 (August 15 - 26):

  • Session for Business Models and Design Thinking.
  • Project mentoring, project presentation and support ecosystems.
  • Visits to projects and personal mentoring.

In total, 23 entrepreneurs in the area were supported.


4. Opening on 16 September of the COWORKING SV Villahoz: Where the Entrepreneur Avijit Sarkar, from Estonia, has installed and has created 5 jobs in the Blockchain Startup CapOneResearch.


2.- StartupVillage Lerma


We have scaled the StartupVillage Villahoz initiative to the head of the sub-region; Lerma (2560 hab.) That groups 45 towns (9580 hab.) and an OTRI Office (Technical Office for Resilience and Innovation) has been opened for the purpose of identifying and creating inter-territorial projects that are tractors for the Next Generation Funds.
















We are creating the StartUpVillage Network in collaboration with different municipalities, National and European level in order to transfer our knowledge, create synergies and learn together. Get in touch with us if you want to participate in the Network.



In addition to Villahoz and Lerma, we are currently in:


1. Campus Diversia, Yátova / Requena, Valencia


500 hectares of Masía for an inclusive and holistic project for people with disabilities in a rural setting.
At Diversia we have created the Diversia Rural Inclusive i4Hub; space for experimentation and innovation by launching initiatives such as CEBAP - Center for Experimentation of the andrographis paniculata plant for the treatment of Coronavirus.

2. Kerbest, Ávila, Castilla y León


Kerbest has 5 farms in Ávila, where it has developed several innovation projects that include circular economy treatments, slurry and trays for pigs with animal welfare. In turn, they have Dual FP with Dualiza Bankia.

In Kerbest we have developed the methodology with the Agricultural i4Hub



3. Others:


- Talamanca de Jarama (Madrid)
- Mondoñedo (Lugo-Galicia)
- Santa Cruz de Córdoba (Córdoba, Andalucía)
- Fuentes de Andalucia (Sevilla-Andalucia)
- Vilamarxant (Valencia-Comunidad Valenciana)


Conference of Provincial Councils, CC.AA. and General State Administration for Rural and Territorial Repopulation in Gredos & Firm of the Gredos Declaration for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Rural and Territorial Repopulation - Ávila in January 2020

Link to Journal

Visit of Ms. Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President of Democracy and Demography of the European Commission to StartupVillage - Villahoz in February 2020

Link to Journal

Alliance Network


Project managers

Territorio Emprendimiento

It is the Linkedin of entrepreneurs with more than 400 entrepreneurs mainly in rural, urban and intermediate environments.

Press media

1. Villahoz, Burgos -


2. Visita Dubravka Šuica, Villahoz -

3. Gredos, Ávila -



Francisco Martín Jiménez



+34 660 679 269

José Alfonso Benito

Technology and Digitization 4.0


+34 644 263 002

Gonzalo Rodríguez-Carmona

Business Development


+34 605 187 339

Carlos Guzmán



+34 602 46 49 41

Gonzalo Figuera

Energy, Ecological Transition, Circular Economy, Cultural Heritage


+34 661 66 97 31